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Watson Brothers is a “Full Line Dealer” for Husqvarna


Designed for larger residential and estate properties, the EZ series incorporates features to provide higher comfort level and extended durability. High back seats with standard armrests, extended leg room area, convenient control access and precision dampened controls allow comfortable, confident operation, while a rugged uni-frame chassis, heavy duty transmissions and premium engines insure long life.


Husqvarna HUVs are the easiest-to-drive utility vehicles on the market. The 4X4 models are equipped with automatic all-wheel drive, so you can focus on the driving and not worry about anything else. Perfect for lawn and garden use, transporting farm equipment or just off-roading, our versatile full-size and compact models will take you well beyond your expectations.


Take control of your power needs on the jobsite, at home or while you travel. Husqvarna provides a family of generators to meet construction, camping and household power needs.


Clearing debris from patios, driveways, lawns and all the hard-to-reach places around your home is significantly less time-consuming and laborious with a Husqvarna blower. easy-to-handle and powerful models deliver high blowing speed, low vibration levels and ergonomic handles and harnesses that help you work more efficiently with less strain on the hands, arms and shoulders.


Pressure washers make any outdoor cleaning project faster, easier and better. Remove stubborn stains, dirt and grime from construction equipment, home siding, decks, driveways and patios with ease. Husqvarna's full line of pressure washers are featured to handle the daily demands of professionals and homeowners.


Husqvarna is a company from a country that extends above the Arctic Circle. They know snow. And they’ve built this knowledge into the superior value of all of their snow blowers. Every model features engineering innovations designed to make your work easier and enhance machine durability. So if you’ve got snow, Husqvarna’s got the snow blower for you.


Husqvarna's compactly designed, powerful stump grinder offers several features that help you achieve optimum results with minimum effort. Reliable engine, easy-to-use operation and smart weight distribution save time, strain and money.

Husqvarna has a broad range of products to satisfy your every need.

Stop in and let us help you with your choice.

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